A Mother’s Love (Canim Annem)

Presented by SARAN Studios


Planned for a total of 250 episodes and subject to extension. Zeynep is a beautiful little girl with a dangerous heart defect. When her mother Cemre dies in a car crash, no one tells her. Instead, her father. Murat, hires a lookalike to pretend to be Cemre until Zeynep is old enough for heart surgery. Who is this lookalike, and how does she come to resemble Cemre so closely? Why does Murat hate his dead wife so much? Who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes?

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SARAN Studios is the newest division within SARAN Media Group. Established recently, SARAN Studios will produce high-quality and appealing content for domestic and global markets. As an affiliate of an internationally recognized and respected SARAN brand, combined with our strong creative and management team, we aim to rapidly become one of the major market players. Having commissioned a number of leading scriptwriters, we have a number of unique yet universal stories in development.

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