Marry Me Now

Presented by Armoza Formats


The emotional format where women take charge of their fate, preparing their own wedding in just three days and all without the groom-to-be’s knowledge.

Company Info & Contacts

Established in 2005, Armoza Formats rapidly grew to be one of the top creators and distributors of global in the international content market, and in 2019 became part of ITV Studios. Taking the best of Israeli and international creative talent, Armoza Formats spearheads the emergence of compelling content in today’s dynamic market. Our mission is to meet the challenges of the fast-changing media industry with creative broadcast solutions. With over 100 formats in our catalog and productions across the globe, Armoza Formats has a proven track record of success across all genres. Our partners are comprised of broadcasters and production companies across the globe, including FOX, NBC, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, TVA, TF1, RTL, HBO, TV2 Norway, RAI, Globo, Azteca and ZEE TV.

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