Nutri Ventures

Presented by Atlantyca Entertainment


Four brave kids have a mission: saving the food in order to save the world in the seven kingdoms. Because only food can give them Nutri-Powers.

Company Info & Contacts

Atlantyca Entertainment is a transmedia entertainment company maintaining production, distribution, licensing, publishing, foreign-rights sales and live stage event divisions. The company is most recognized as the IP owner and producer of the popular Geronimo Stilton animated series (three seasons), and the spooky animated adventure-comedy Bat Pat (two seasons). Moreover, Atlantyca has produced the award-winning buzz-kicking spy-action series Berry Bees, featuring three extraordinarily talented girls who have been selected by the B.I.A. (Bee Intelligence Agency) for special spy missions. Atlantyca has also delivered its first live-action series, Snow Black, a co-production with Rai Kids. The series centers on the ghost of a young vlogger, nicknamed Snow Black, who wakes up trapped inside the web, and her two friends who help her to investigate on the mysterious disappearances of young guys. Atlantyca’s distribution arm represents a growing library of third-party properties, including the Junior catalog of ZDF Studios for Italy.

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