Once Upon a Time in Tsavo

Presented by Terra Mater Studios
Once Upon a Time in Tsavo


Four years of filming leads to capturing intricate new behavior and amazing sequences concerning life at a waterhole in Tsavo, including creatures big and small, from elephants to termites.

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Terra Mater Studios (TMS), a subsidiary company of Red Bull, is a full-blown production unit that produces and distributes a wide variety of programming for TV and theatrical release. TMS is committed to the highest production values regarding visual excellence, innovative technology and amazing storytelling. Core production genres are nature, science and history resulting in blue-chip primetime series and specials. TMS also explores new styles to create exciting different factual entertainment formats. And for the big screen TMS produces stories that are highly relevant and strongly rooted in reality: from the classical feature doc to wild drama, where nature plays the main role, further on to fiction films, where real stories are the matrix for the scripts. On its YouTube channel, TMS shows exclusive short-form videos about the diversity of nature, conservation and environmental topics.

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