Sell Your Haunted House & Come Back Home

Presented by KBS Media


Sell Your Haunted House (Horror, 16×70 min.) A drama combining the occult and humanism. In this drama, real estate is the medium through which ghosts and humans living ordinary lives connect. Come Back Home (Ent., 10×90 min.) Visits celebrities’ very first homes to encourage the young people living there now by remodeling the places.

Company Info & Contacts

KBS Media is a commercial arm of KBS, which is among the nation’s most influential public broadcasters. KBS Media has over a million hours of programs in its library and currently produces over 1,000 hours of programs every year. KBS Media has been distributing numerous TV series as well as formats of KBS programs throughout the world, including one of the most well-known K-formats, Good Doctor. Aside from the success of Good Doctor in the U.S., Turkey and Japan, KBS Media has been expanding its global footprint across the world with both scripted and non-scripted formats.

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