The Magic Kids—Three Unlikely Heroes

Presented by Hemisphere Media Group/Snap Media


Three magical losers—a vampire who cannot take the sight of blood, a fairy with a fear of flying and a werewolf allergic to animal hair—square up against an infernal opponent and win the greatest of all possible victories: accepting themselves as they are.

Company Info & Contacts

Hemisphere Media Group is a United States-based, Spanish-language media company super-serving the high-growth, high-influence U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets with a valuable portfolio of top broadcast and cable television networks, digital platforms, and content distribution. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Hemisphere owns and operates five leading U.S. Hispanic cable networks (Cinelatino, Pasiones, WAPA América, CentroAméricaTV and Televisión Dominicana), two Latin American cable networks (Cinelatino and Pasiones), the leading broadcast television network and news and entertainment content producer in Puerto Rico (WAPA TV), and an international content distribution company (Snap Media). A creator and distributor of top-rated news and entertainment programs, the HMG portfolio offers the digital-first Hispanic/Latin American communities culturally relevant content with multi-generational appeal. Being a Hispanic/Latino-oriented business, HMTV recognizes that bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enhances creativity and innovation and helps create a leading-edge company that is more impactful and better serves the communities we cater to. Furthermore, by striving to ensure an internal culture where everyone feels respected and included, we will ultimately achieve greater operational success.

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