The Nap Time Show

Presented by Boone Productions


An interactive episodic preschool series using imaginative play to develop a healthier relationship between children and rest. In a world recovering from widespread burnout, The Nap Time Show answers the call for authentic diversity with universally relatable characters and compelling storylines championing the benefits of rest. With imaginative play, magical music, wildlife adventures and a vintage nurturing appeal, this show is an everyday breath of fresh air.

Company Info & Contacts

In June 2020, the Boone sisters collaborated on Beaumanities, the live-action and animation trailer and pilot created to make critical theory more accessible. It was recognized by Matthew A. Cherry and an official selection in various web festivals. After the success of Beaumanities, it started Boone Productions—a family-led, art-based and love-founded production company—in order to use the power of story to spark intergenerational healing, understanding and growth on a foundation of intersectional liberation principles. Boone Productions: Family is our foundation. Community is our cause.

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