Violet Like the Sea

Presented by Lux Vide


Viola is a journalist who assists Inspector Demir in solving crime cases in Palermo (Sicily), thanks to her synesthesia: she sees other people’s feelings through colors.

Company Info & Contacts

Lux Vide is a leading international television production company in Europe, one of the largest in the Italian scripted market, with more than 1,300 hours in prime time. Lux Vide is specialized in long-running series with a portfolio of successful productions such as DOC (two seasons), Blanca (a second season coming soon), Devils (two seasons), Medici (three seasons), Don Matteo (13 seasons), Sister Angela’s Girls (seven seasons) and One Step from Heaven (seven seasons). Lux Vide is the only Italian company to receive an Emmy for best miniseries for Joseph, part of the cycle of The Bible. Lux Vide has signed partnership agreements with international television broadcasters and distributors such as Sky Studios, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Television, CBS, The CW, France Télévisions, TF1, M6, Mediaset España, Netflix, Orange, Telefonica Movistar+, Beta Film and AMC Networks.

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