Vizons of Rock

Presented by Cinevest Interactive


A struggling hard rock band with big dreams hires the lead guitarist’s ex-fiancée to keep their dreams of stardom alive and their jobs as the house band at a popular bar. The group pulls together and books the opening act on tour with one of rock and roll’s biggest bands. Available for co-production.

Company Info & Contacts

Cinevest Interactive is a distributor and agent for some of the most talented producers and filmmakers around the world. We endeavor to introduce the new original series Great Kills, a dark crime comedy; Wine Outsiders, an uncommon series about creative non-establishment winemakers; a documentary with a world-famous wrestler in RVD Headstrong; and The Invisible Ones, bringing the Romani people “Gypsies” into mainstream society. Our goal is to entertain, amuse and inspire on all TV platforms worldwide.

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