SHOWCASE: Artist View Keeps an Open Mind & Open Door

Oct 6th, 2022

Now in its 32nd year of operations, Artist View Entertainment continues on its mission to find and build long-term relationships with buyers and producers in the global market, represented in all genres and budget ranges.

“In 2020, we were able to align ourselves with three key production companies that were willing to develop projects with us,” says Scott J. Jones, president of Artist View. “This allowed us to add titles to our slate that we believed would fit nicely into today’s marketplace. Our focus was and still is on action, female-driven thrillers and rom-coms. At the same time, we stayed true to our original business plan and have been able to acquire some very strong titles outside of these three production partners.”

The company’s approach to having a diversified offering stems from Jones’s early days in the entertainment business when he was opening and buying movies for video stores, he says. “At that point, I learned not everyone likes the same thing. So, with that in mind, Artist View has always kept an open mind and open door for every sort of genre and budget. It’s fun to be able to say, ‘Our niche is that we don’t have one.’” 

Artist View’s MIPCOM slate is testament to this as well. Among the highlights are The Furry Fortune, featuring a pet dog that can shed money; The New Order, which follows as an American detective travels to Ukraine to investigate the disappearance of his former mentor; and Stay the Night, about a woman pursuing a one-night stand. 

The slate also features the tightly crafted action-adventure Night Train, the thrillers House of Lies and Help Wanted and the romantic comedies Looking for Dr. Love and Hearts CreekNight Train follows as a struggling single mom agrees to run black-market medical supplies in her pickup truck. House of Lies centers on a troubled widow who learns of her recently murdered husband’s corrupt past and hidden fortune. Help Wanted sees things heat up when a young woman who inherited her grandfather’s theater decides not to sell to an eager group of investors. With touches of romance at their core, Looking for Dr. Love features a woman reuniting with her college sweetheart, who turns out to be a popular radio DJ, while Hearts Creek centers on a young event planner lost in the mountains who is rescued by a handsome guide on horseback. 

Further highlights include My Dead Dad, a drama about a young rebel who discovers his estranged father has passed and left him a rundown Los Angeles apartment complex to manage, and Double Threat, an action-adventure movie featuring a young woman who finds herself on the run from the mob with a kind stranger in tow.

Artist View Entertainment is currently involved with five to ten productions each year, and the goal is to acquire up to five additional titles from other independent production companies. 

Jones says that, above all, his message to the international community at MIPCOM is Artist View is “extremely grateful for the support we have received from both our producers and buyers over the years.”

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