Artist View Leans into Thrills & Romance

Oct 2nd, 2023

Artist View Entertainment has been growing its production slate, focusing on female-driven thrillers and romantic comedies. “We have also been very busy in our placement of library titles into the OTT marketplace as it continues to expand,” says Scott J. Jones, the company’s president.

With all the feature films and TV projects in its varied lineup, Artist View is trying to “target a specific demographic with titles offering unique storylines,” Jones says. “We have always prided ourselves on representing titles that offer a unique marketing hook.”

Scott J. Jones

The company is heading to MIPCOM with a bevy of titles true to exactly this promise. The thriller Get Away If You Can, starring Ed Harris, is about a troubled married couple hoping that sailing across the open ocean might bring back the spark that’s been lost between them. Their relationship is brought to the breaking point when one refuses to explore a mysterious deserted island.

Also in the mix is the rom-com Valentine’s Town, which will be ready to air for Valentine’s Day 2024. Meanwhile, She Wants My Baby and Bad Tenant are two tightly crafted female-driven thrillers. The latter stars Veronica Long, Laura Dennis and Sam Benjamin.

These sit alongside the Lifetime premieres Secrets Under the Floorboards (aka House of Lies) and She Inherited Danger (aka Help Wanted). Katerina Eichenberger, Colt Prattes, Rib Hillis and Lindsay Hartley star in the thriller House of Lies, about a troubled widow who learns of her recently murdered husband’s corrupt past and hidden fortune. Also a thriller, Help Wanted features Sarah Fisher, Conner Floyd, Tiffany Montgomery and Robert Peters in a story about a woman who inherits her grandfather’s theater and finds herself mixed up with an eager group of ruthless investors.

On Artist View’s action slate, titles include the newly acquired Remote Danger and Night Train, which spent four weeks at number one on Hulu this summer. Remote Danger follows as a beautiful young woman picks up a scruffy hitchhiker, who may or may not be a serial killer known as the “Highway Hunter.” Night Train centers on a single mom who winds up running black market medical supplies and must stay one step ahead of the FBI.

On picking up new titles, Jones says: “For the past 32 years, our acquisition model has stayed consistent. We look to present 15 to 20 titles each year covering all genres and budget ranges.”

Artist View has also been involved with a number of co-productions in Calgary, Canada, over the past eight years and will continue to work on projects in that area. It is also involved in the development of a large slate of movies-of-the-week shot in Oklahoma, Florida and Massachusetts.

“As we enter our 33rd year of operations, it is our hope that independent distributors, free- and pay-TV broadcasters and the wide spectrum of digital platforms in the world will continue to look at Artist View as a consistent supplier of quality programming,” Jones says. “It is our goal to service this part of the entertainment business with integrity and respect for all those we have the good fortune of being in business with.”

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