Global Reach, Filipino Heart: GMA Network’s Commitment to World-Class Entertainment

Apr 3rd, 2024

GMA Network has solidified its position as an industry leader through programs that entertain Filipinos anywhere in the world. As the network’s global reach expands further, so does the need to consistently deliver world-class programs that are synonymous with compelling storytelling and high production values.

These key elements are a guaranteed audience draw, but GMA Network stands out from other content-generating outlets through its commitment to making an impact on the Philippines’ industry by working only with the finest artists and nurturing its growing roster of homegrown talents. The results are dynamic performances, engaging, plot-driven narratives and productions that have a place on the global pop-culture stage—all while being proudly Filipino. Through the network’s Worldwide Division, entertainment that captures Filipino sentiments also transcends cultural boundaries.

Rochella Ann Salvador

“GMA Network has a strong portfolio of titles that showcases the best of Filipino culture,” says Rochella Ann Salvador, officer-in-charge and senior sales manager of GMA Network’s Worldwide Division. “To achieve this, the network constantly explores diverse genres and introduces new formats to best tell stories that appeal not just domestically but also resonate with the international audience.”

Examples of these programs that offer a glimpse into the Filipino spirit while appealing to a global audience include Hands on the Dream and Black Rider.

Hands on the Dream chronicles the journey of a young genius who graduates from medical school at the age of 19 and becomes the youngest surgical resident of a major hospital.

Black Rider is an action-drama series that explores a young man’s journey after his family falls victim to a ruthless syndicate. He is the sole survivor of the tragedy, and this ignites his unyielding quest for justice.

“These programs are very different, each with captivating narratives,” explains Salvador. “Hands on the Dream has been airing on GMA since 2022 but maintains its momentum with storylines that keep viewers enthralled, plus a loyal fan base that continues to grow. Its universal themes of hope and family will always touch people’s hearts anywhere in the world. For this reason, Hands on the Dream: Book One will also premiere in 41 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa this year.”

Just as drama will always have an audience, so does action. Black Rider hits the right notes with action sequences and character development, ensuring an immediate audience. But what draws even more viewers, according to Salvador, are the themes of “family, friendship, love and heroism in the face of adversity. Each episode is a testament to depth in storytelling and the authentic portrayal of the lives of characters.”

GMA Network embraces a global outlook in producing programs that are not just entertaining but world-class, all while being firmly guided from a Filipino standpoint. Annually, the network produces more than 26 programs, guaranteeing a constant stream of well-crafted content.

The landscape of entertainment constantly shifts, yet GMA Network continues to make leaps and bounds not just in the content it produces but also in exploring untapped territories and taking the pulse of potential markets to develop campaigns highlighting the unique aspects of its titles. As such, there is only one way for the network: onward.

“GMA Network, through its Worldwide Division, has licensed over 100 titles around the globe, and plans are underway to reach more international viewers via program syndication,” says Salvador. “Europe and India are markets where we hope to expand our global footprint, so our clients and partners can expect more programs.”

With GMA’s unwavering dedication to innovation, quality and diversity, 2024 promises more top-notch, cutting-edge programs that would drive audience engagement, further cementing its position as the home of prime Filipino content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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