GoQuest Continues Global Growth with Focus on Diversifying Content & Forging New Alliances

Jan 18th, 2024

GoQuest Media prides itself as being among the few international content distributors with a truly global reach. “With extensive firsthand experience in all genres of entertainment content, the company has successfully sold [programming] into countries that collectively hold two-thirds of the world’s GDP,” says Vivek Lath, managing director.

The company starts the new year with a brand-new partnership with the Miami-based telenovela specialist VIP 2000 TV to co-produce its first Turkish series, Kuma (The Other Wife). The companies will partner on the IP and for series distribution. The production will be helmed by Stellar Yapım, the Turkish film and television producer founded by Inci Gülen Oarr, showrunner of the hit drama series Elif.

Vivek Lath

As a goal for 2024, GoQuest is focused on acquiring a more extensive and valuable program library, including Hollywood catalogs and content with the potential for a wide reach, such as those from Turkey and Latin America. “We are also looking to diversify into long-shelf-life content genres such as factual, infotainment and movies,” Lath says.

“Together with our aim to create more distribution service partnerships with larger studios for specific regions, like the one we have with Disney India to exclusively distribute its content to the African continent, 2024 is all set to become our biggest year yet,” he adds.

The market timing is right for GoQuest to diversify its strategy due to post-2022 industry shifts, according to Lath. “Between 2018 to 2022, TV networks and large media companies focused on self-produced exclusive content, limiting the supply of licensed content. Post-2022, there’s been a re-evaluation of content strategies with a shift from production to licensing, an increased demand for licensed content and a swing toward companies skilled in monetization.”

Positioned for success in this environment, GoQuest’s strategic advantages include a decade of experience in content distribution, as well as operational excellence in content discovery, sales and legal negotiations and a unique content-supply strategy with top-tier sales talent.

“Our focus is on nurturing high-performing sales talent with excellent storytelling abilities,” Lath says. “Implementing a tech-driven, systematic approach to identify and select content that matches clients’ criteria, together with audience viewership trends and efficient contracting processes, have been key to our success in the market.”

The company heads to Content Americas riding high on the excitement of Kuma (The Other Wife) and the scripted format sale of its comedy-drama Divorce in Peace, together with multiple sales of its new Polish title Erinyes in Europe.

At the market, GoQuest is presenting Love Me Not, a timeless tale of vengeance with a twist that intricately weaves the complicated love story of Yasma and Fares. How will Yasma support the man seeking retribution against her beloved father, whom she has cherished throughout her life? Can Fares forsake his quest for revenge in favor of the woman he holds dear?

Additionally, GoQuest is showcasing the Polish historical crime series Erinyes and the police procedural Crusade. The scripted format Divorce in Peace, a dramedy centered on a couple rediscovering love amid their divorce, will also be available.

Business has been growing steadily for GoQuest in Latin America, Lath says. “Quite swiftly, we have been able to shape our presence in the region by licensing and acquiring content from significant players. We have been transitioning from licensing ready-made content to working on a robust scripted and non-scripted content catalog that fits local budgets and productions. Additionally, we have strengthened our focus on acquiring the most exciting and successful series from India to bring to the region. With a new collaboration with VIP 2000 TV, a highly successful distribution and production company, we aim to further grow our intellectual property catalog with a fantastic story produced in Turkey.”

As the company gears up for Content Americas, it sees ample opportunities for growth in LatAm. “This market holds special significance for us as we will introduce our first production—a curated story that we believe perfectly aligns with the programming of every channel,” Lath says. “Collaborating with a well-known Turkish production company, Stellar Yapım, and locally with VIP 2000 TV, we are excited about expanding and growing our presence in the region.”

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