GoQuest Media Looks Ahead & Plans “Strong Approach” for Acquisitions

Nov 28th, 2023

As 2023 nears its close, GoQuest Media continues to look ahead, with a focus on expanding its slate of international titles for the global stage and continuing to satisfy its existing partners.

“Over the past ten years, we have built great partnerships with networks across Europe, Africa and Asia,” says Rakesh Vasani, global head of content acquisition. “While expanding our catalog and finding new markets for our content is always the goal, providing our existing partners with new and fresh content/formats is very important to us.”

Rakesh Vasani

What GoQuest Media has gathered at recent markets is that audiences—and therefore broadcasters—are looking for lighter content, bordering on comedy. This desire is “probably a signal to coping with the times we are currently in,” Vasani explains.

These “lighter” titles make up a portion of the company’s wish list, but it is also “focusing on long-running series in the romance and family genres,” Vasani notes. “These are evergreen subjects that will always have an audience.”

The GoQuest Media wish list additionally includes short premium series that are contemporary, bold and set around present-day issues and any long-running series that are entertaining. A program that fits these parameters and is able to cultivate an international fan base is ideal to fit in with its current catalog, which features the crime dramas Erinyes and Crusade; the spy thrillers Traitor and Civil Servant; and the dramedies Troll Farm and Divorce in Peace, among a wide array of others.

In terms of content from specific territories, programming from Latin America and Western Europe remains a priority for the company. It is also looking to increase the number of titles it holds from around the MENA region.

“You never know where the next great series may come from, so our wish list is quite expansive,” he explains. “Also, there are always territory-specific requirements that we need to keep in mind when finding content.”

Ultimately, though, “we are looking for stories with a big heart, with wholesome characters, strong acting and visually appealing settings globally and locally, which provide a narrative that is curious and engaging,” Vasani says.

And, of course, the programs must align with the company’s catalog strategy, which is “to have a strong mix of titles that cater to most network and platform requirements and ones that we know will be more suited to unique programming asks,” he adds. “The aim is to maintain a versatile catalog and provide the best promotional support to each title.”

As 2024 approaches and gets underway over the next couple of months, GoQuest Media is going to take “a strong approach,” he notes. “After visiting all the major markets and clients across the globe and building relations, we want to progress to the next stages where we are closing deals on content.”

With its expansive wish list and open mind, GoQuest Media is in an ideal spot to achieve this and fill out its catalog with even more standout titles from around the world.

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