Outfit7 Unleashes Talking Tom Heroes Suddenly Super

Oct 3rd, 2023

From Outfit7, creator of the globally popular Talking Tom & Friends franchise, comes the brand-new action-packed series Talking Tom Heroes Suddenly Super. The 52×11-minute series, currently in production for a 2024 release, follows a group of friends who discover a strange device that grants them amazing powers and makes them “Suddenly Super.” Unfortunately, it turns out there is no instruction manual for being a superhero—they’ll have to figure it out together.

“From the beginning, fans of Talking Tom games have been able to dress him and his friends up and imagine them in all sorts of fun roles, from dancers to movie stars to astronauts,” says Kevin Pedersen, video content writing supervisor at Outfit7. “It’s part of what makes Tom so popular, that when you are playing with him, there are no limits to what you can do. Then, in the game Talking Tom Gold Run, we noticed that people were really enjoying a feature where the friends were able to dress up as firefighters and police officers. Once the idea of the friends playing as real-world heroes connected with people, superheroes weren’t far behind! In the hit game Talking Tom Hero Dash especially, we started spending a lot of time with the friends powered up in super suits and found that the fans loved it. So, knowing that we wanted to do something big in this direction, we partnered with Epic Story Media and worked with their experts to develop Talking Tom’s new premium flagship series, where the friends truly become heroes.”

Talking Tom Heroes Suddenly Super

Talking Tom Heroes Suddenly Super has everything fans of Talking Tom & Friends already love, with a new superpowered twist. “While retaining beloved characters and captivating visuals, the series introduces a fresh element: the heroes’ quest to grasp the genuine essence of heroism,” Pedersen says. “Our characters form the heart of the Talking Tom & Friends brand, and they form the heart of this series, too. Fans will love seeing Tom, Angela, Ben, Becca, Hank and Ginger acting recognizably like themselves, but now in an all-new adventure-filled story. Some familiar villains from the games and other Talking Tom & Friends series will make appearances, too. But all of this has been elevated for Suddenly Super, so this is all happening in a brand-new location, the enchanting Peak City, with hilarious new characters and a collection of cool super-gadgets that fans will want for their own!”

Of course, Suddenly Super is going up against a lot of competition in the superhero space, but Outfit7 is confident in giving the genre an exciting and fresh new spin. “For us, the answer is right there in the name: that the friends are SUDDENLY Super,” says Pedersen. “They don’t really know what they are doing yet, and they’re still figuring things out. They’re going to make mistakes, and even sometimes make a problem worse, as they grapple with powers that they don’t understand. So that creates a lot of really special, character-driven scenarios for the show and helps us find stories that are really unique to what we are doing. With these heroes, it’s okay to mess up. But in the end, they always know they can rely on each other to see things through.”

Pedersen adds that, in addition to creating a unique space to play in, making the heroes struggle with their powers “for sure adds a lot of opportunities for comedy in the show. We also think it makes the series really relatable, even if the characters are flying around. Fans might not be getting actual super strength, but every day, they are discovering what they are good at—the ‘powers’ of their own. That’s a process that can be really exciting, but it’s also one that is going to be full of mistakes, pitfalls and setbacks. We want people to see that that’s okay. So that’s the take we want to have on superhero stories. And, of course, there’s a lot of action, too.”

The core themes of self-discovery, friendship and growth are universal, transcending cultural boundaries. Pedersen also points to the show’s blend of action-packed sequences, humor and heartfelt moments as key to making it resonate across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

“The series boasts a captivating, premium-quality visual style,” he adds. “We refuse to cut corners when it comes to polish and quality because our aim is to make a show that stands out from the crowd. We want viewers to come away from every episode feeling like they just watched a mini feature film.”

The series will feature a wide range of innovative gadgets, which can be transferred into the products. The most significant is the toy line component that aims to enhance user engagement with the characters and encourage them to explore their creativity in the world beyond their screens. “This approach allows fans to craft their own narratives and stories, fostering imaginative play and enriching their connection with the Talking Tom & Friends characters,” Pedersen says. “It’s not just about merchandise; it’s about empowering fans to weave their own tales and expand their interaction with the beloved Talking Tom universe.”

Outfit7’s aspirations for Talking Tom Heroes Suddenly Super are ambitious yet heartfelt: “We aim to create a series that not only captivates and entertains but also leaves a positive impact on viewers,” Pedersen says. “We hope that through our heroes’ journeys, viewers of all ages will find inspiration to embrace their unique qualities, overcome challenges and celebrate the joy of becoming ‘suddenly super’ in their own way.”

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