SHOWCASE: ABS-CBN Corporation Touts Filipino Stories with Global Appeal

Oct 10th, 2022

Bringing content from the Philippines out to the global market, ABS-CBN Corporation arrives at MIPCOM with the momentum of healthy gains at the company to power its international sales.

“We continuously build meaningful partnerships with global OTT platforms, including Netflix, Viu, Amazon and YouTube, among others, to bring our content to as many audiences as possible,” says Pia B. Laurel, head of international sales and distribution.


“Apart from content distribution, ABS-CBN has teamed up with various production outfits worldwide to showcase genuine Filipino stories to a global audience, with upcoming projects such as Cattleya KillerConcepción and Sellblock, to name a few,” Laurel continues. 

In its first five years, ABS-CBN Corporation licensed its bevy of Filipino content to ten countries. Today, its shows are seen in over 60 countries, and the company has also sold over 60,000 hours of programming.

“When we distribute content, whether our films or TV programs, we take into consideration the demands of our global audiences,” Laurel says. “For instance, we see an upward trend in viewing family dramas infused with investigative plots, such as our 2017 prime-time series The Good Son, which also had its Turkish adaptation earlier this year.” ABS-CBN Corporation is also releasing a remake of a classic Filipino thriller with Cattleya Killer.

“Another example is the Asian market, where audiences are drawn to feel-good stories that are light to watch,” adds Laurel. “Our viewers prefer to watch warmhearted stories that allow them to escape reality through entertainment, especially during these unprecedented times.”

In the light romance 2 Good 2 Be True, a mechanic and a nurse are brought together by lies and deceit as they enter the world of a real estate magnate secretly battling an incurable disease. Marry Me, Marry You charts the story of two people who work together, falling in love and healing their personal scars.

Also featuring a touch of romance, the fantasy series Love in 40 Days follows an insurance agent who meets her untimely death but is given a chance to settle unfinished business on Earth for 40 days. There’s a mix of fantasy and adventure in Darna, about a young woman who needs to protect a magical artifact and find the courage to be a superhero ready to face evil forces.

Family dramas feature prominently on the ABS-CBN Corporation slate. In this genre, Flower of Evil sees a top detective and her team reopen the unsolved case of a mysterious serial killing that now involves someone very dear to her. In A Family Affair, a beautiful woman gets involved in the lives of the richest family in her town and unravels deep-buried secrets from their past. Further family dramas on offer include The Law of RevengeLa Vida LenaWhen Love Burns and Viral Scandal.

“We try to expand our catalog as much as possible, covering different genres to cater to the varying interests of our audiences,” Laurel says. “Also, we are about to distribute Filipino lifestyle content and exclusive content with our regional pay-TV partners.”

She adds that the company’s mission is to “always find ways to serve Filipino audiences wherever they are. As a content company, there are endless possibilities for us to tell our stories, not just through standard platforms. Through the different partnerships we’ve built locally and internationally, the goal is to continue delivering the best stories and showcasing world-class productions that our viewers love throughout the years.”

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