10,000 Days

Presented by FOX Entertainment Global


(Action, 1×90 min.) 10,000 days in the future, Earth is locked in a new ice age, and the survivors of this cataclysmic shift engage in an epic struggle of life or death.

Company Info & Contacts

FOX Entertainment Global is FOX’s centralized content sales team, providing buyers with unique access to high-quality original programming from world-class creators across every content viewing platform in the FOX portfolio. Our stories, characters and moments continue to define pop culture around the world time and again. FOX Entertainment Global is one of the only media content sales organizations with an independent broadcast network and a leading U.S. AVOD streamer in Tubi. FOX Entertainment does it all with sustainable and diverse content, trailblazing animation, unforgettable unscripted entertainment, unexpected scripted series and epic original movies.

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