A Week to Beat the World

Presented by Jetpack Distribution


(Kids 6-12 live action, 30×15 min.) Six super sporty young stars travel around the world to compete in some of the toughest and most unusual sports on the planet.

Company Info & Contacts

Blasting the very best kids’ content across the planet! At Jetpack, we find homes for high-quality and enduringly appealing kids’ TV shows worldwide. We work directly with producers, creators, broadcasters and video-on-demand platforms to deliver great value and experiences. We are delighted at the continued growth of our library, working with 34 producers and a burgeoning library of 1,500 half hours of fantastic character-driven shows featuring timeless themes for all ages. New shows in our catalog include NRK Super’s The Mini Kids; Sky Kids commission Silly Animals, a co-production between Rebel Television and Media and Silver Star Productions; Keyring Co’s YouTube sensation Spookiz; Turnip & Duck’s hilarious spoof nature documentary Critters TV; and SMF Studio’s plasticine preschool show Claymotions. These join a stellar lineup including Spookley and the Christmas Kittens, Ladybird and Bee, Mechamato, Mighty Little Bheem and Welcome to Cardboard City. Our approach is to partner with producers, nurture and promote their shows and together we “Jetpack” for the stars. For platform partners, we curate some of the best content in the market and provide a quality of service and speed of negotiation and delivery. And we like to have fun in the process!

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