About Antoine

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An uplifting story of love and family triumphing over limitations. Authenticity, sensitivity and humor explore life with a poly-handicapped child. Inspired by true events.

Company Info & Contacts

Based in Quebec City, Amuz Distribution was launched in May 2023, formerly known as ComediHa! Distribution, with a mission to spread comedy and feel-good content around the world, both scripted and unscripted. Amuz expands on ComediHa! Distribution’s mission to create and sell finished programs and originals by securing and leveraging all rights and adopting a full 360-degree approach to content. The rebranding to become Amuz Distribution was made possible by a generous contribution by Fonds Quebecor, Canada Media Fund and SODEC. The funds, in the short term, will be used to acquire new comedy and feel-good global programming to grow Amuz Distribution’s library while developing in-house and securing new co-production and broadcast partners. Amuz Distribution—keeping the world feeling good.

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