AntiPasta—Cooking the Books

Presented by Bavaria Media International


A well-meaning, hard-working Italian family builds a new life in provincial southern Germany. But their restaurant goes sideways when borrowed mafia money comes due.

Company Info & Contacts

Bavaria Media International distributes content for Bavaria Media, originally founded in 1979 as film and publishing company Bavaria Sonor. Today, Bavaria Media GmbH bundles content distribution, licensing and music publishing. It also manages rights for its parent company German industry giant Bavaria Film. Bavaria Media International’s catalogue contains over 20,000 programming hours and includes classics like Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Manns by Heinrich Breloer and Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen.
The showcase features both long-running television hits like Storm of Love and Einstein High from Germany as well as international shows, like newly acquired French-Canadian mystery series Dark Lake (Pixcom) or Icelandic miniseries Manners (Glassriver). The viewing stable expands continuously with partner-produced programming from the German public television sector, while Bavaria Media International is actively offering its distribution expertise to producers from abroad, including financial participation at a very early stage of the project.

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