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Bug-obsessed 10-year-old Kayden is mysteriously zapped down to bug size, finding himself in the middle of a raging conflict between the good-guy “Hexos” (6-legged bugs) and the evil “Octos” (8-legged arachnids), each battling for control of the woods that backs up to Kayden’s house. Kayden and his squad of Hexo pals are each paired with their own “Tron,” a transforming mech-bug that is part vehicle and part pet.

Company Info & Contacts

Lion Forge Entertainment (LFE) is an Academy-award-winning, Black-owned animation and live-action studio focusing on diverse stories, authentically told. Founded in 2019, LFE focuses primarily on the kids and family and YA demographics.  We showcase and celebrate talent from under-represented communities through TV, film, publishing and consumer products. LFE is dedicated to ensuring that all kids and families see themselves represented on screen and to developing career opportunities for women and minorities. We focus on building global transmedia franchises around Lion Forge IP, expanding partnerships through distribution, financing and co-production, spearheading licensing and merchandising initiatives and live-action film and TV development. Lion Forge Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, California, with a preproduction studio based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is part of the Polarity group of companies, which includes Oni Lion Forge Comics (domestic publishing) and Magnetic Press (international publishing).

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