Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed

Presented by Jetpack Distribution


(Kids 6-11 3D, S1: 52×11 min., S2: 52×11 min.) Features 10-year-old Dennis and his pet dog Gnasher in Beanotown, a world full of imagination, comedy and adventure.

Company Info & Contacts

Launching the best kids’ content across the planet! At Jetpack, we find homes for high-quality and enduringly appealing kids’ shows worldwide. We were founded on the principle of being a true partner; to creators and makers of shows, and to those acquiring content for their channels. We have a passion for capturing the imagination of kids globally. And we champion quality content, from a wide range of producers, big and small. We are very much an “indie”, often celebrating the quirkier and more-off-the-wall series alongside mainstream brands.
We are delighted at the continued growth of our library, working with 47 producers and 1,650 half hours of a variety of content across all genres; and for all age groups.
New shows in our catalog include Samka’s Viking Skool and Once Upon a Time…Objects and Chinese toon Kung Fu Pork Choppers (produced by China-based Winsing in collaboration with CraneKahn), the award-winning Adastra Development’s Mimi’s World and Biff & Chip, produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family. These join a stellar lineup, including Alice’s Diary, Silly Animals, Critters TV, Spookiz, Ladybird and Bee, Mechamato, Jamie’s Got Tentacles and Kitty is Not a Cat.
We are committed to working with creators at early stages, and we’re proud of our development slate, which currently includes nine titles and a potential 164 half hours of content.
We are dedicated to using our knowledge, skills and experience to help the market flourish so that more brilliant shows can be made and watched globally.

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