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(Animation, 52×26 min.) Four friends find a weird board game that opens up a gate between the present and the past, leading them to another dimension where they become dinosaurs.

Company Info & Contacts

Mondo TV is working with family entertainment company Toon2Tango on the co-production and distribution of kids’ adventure-comedy Monster Loving Maniacs, spy-fi children’s show Agent 203, and a new version of classic hit Grisù. New plans include a Mondo TV S.p.A co-production with T-Rex Digimation of the preschool show One Love. Our distribution plans include the groundbreaking autism-focused series Leo’s World, two new series of Iqiyi’s animated fantasy The Tales of Wonder Keepers and Lee’s Editorial Action Kidz, a series designed to inspire kids to take up sports. MeteoHeroes has won a US Silver Telly Award and is a hit in over 180 countries and 20 languages, expanding to Asia and, thanks to Kenn Viselman’s itsy bitsy Entertainment Company, the U.S. It has also inspired a Sony Playstation video game. And, of course, our L&M and distribution performance remains strong across multiple properties and territories.

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