Divine Influencer

Presented by Pinnacle Peak Pictures/Panoramic Pictures
Divine Influencer


A wealthy 20-something influencer loses financial support from her parents and takes a job at a homeless shelter for the wrong reasons. However, she soon discovers the true meaning of influence.

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Pinnacle Peak Pictures is proud to present a wide catalog of new family-friendly titles this year at MIPCOM. We are offering three new theatricals, The Blind (going out on 1,600 screens), Heard the Bells (which grossed $5.6 million on 1,200 screens) and Lifemark (which grossed $5.6 million on 1,500 screens). We are also presenting a new slate of TV movies, such as Divine Influencer, Finding Faith, God’s Country Song, An Angelic Christmas and Heaven Sent. On top of that, we are also featuring two new series, County Rescue and Saved by Grace.

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