Dos Años y Un Dia (Two Years and One Day)

Presented by Atresmedia Televisión


Narrates the downfall of a famous and beloved actor and presenter who is sentenced to serve a sentence of two years and a day for a crime of religious offenses for an innocent but unfortunate joke.

Company Info & Contacts

Atresmedia TV International Sales distributes the huge content catalog of Atresmedia, the leader group in communication in Spain, with a key position in every sector—television and cinema, among others. Some of Atresmedia TV’s new series are: Zorras (Tramps), Déjate Ver (Show Yourself), Entre Tierras (Spanish adaptation of La Sposa), Honor (Spanish adaptation of Your Honor), Cristo y Rey (Cristo & Rey) and Las Noches de Tefía (Nights in Tefía), among others.

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