From Macro to Micro: Uncovering Earth’s Unseen Wonders

Presented by Autentic Distribution
From Macro to Micro: Uncovering Earth’s Unseen Wonders


Our nature is full of secrets. Some are obvious but often overlooked, others lie deep in hiding, far beyond our perception. Delve into the world of insects and microbes.

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Autentic focuses on high-quality documentaries and factual series for the international market. We cover the entire value chain of the factual genre, from development, production, co-financing and distribution to the operation of its own channels and VOD services. Our sales division Autentic Distribution is one of the leading German global distributors of non-fiction productions. Our catalog offers documentaries from a wide range of genres, from science and technology to history and wildlife. We are also known for strong content in the genres of current affairs and people and places.

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