Future Chicken Today Show

Presented by Wind Sun Sky Entertainment
Future Chicken Today Show


Live streaming from 2050 with Potato the Chicken and Frittata the Egg. Comedy, music and influencer interviews empower kids to positively change their future.

Company Info & Contacts

Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) is a leader in global franchise development. Based at its studio in Vancouver, it works at the intersection of storytelling and technology. Its expertise lies in crafting compelling multiplatform narratives across YouTube, gaming, broadcast and more, allowing content to reach and resonate with young audiences around the world.  Its portfolio ranges from the adaptation of Invincible into the hit Amazon Prime series to Camp Bonkers, an original multiplatform property including a Roblox game to a pioneering Twilight Daycare Roblox series, the first of its kind. WSS has an unwavering commitment to pushing the frontiers of storytelling and technical ingenuity. Current projects include Future Chicken, a revolutionary multiplatform initiative designed to address eco-anxiety amongst kids.

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