Game Keepers

Presented by Studio 100 Media


Mats and Sari are the chosen ones! Each time, they have to enter an unknown digital gaming world, play a game and defeat the mysterious GameMaster. Losing is not an option. If the two don’t win the game, it’s game over, and the evil from the game will take over our world too, forever. Seasons three and four will be available in 2024!

Company Info & Contacts

Studio 100 Media is a leading international production and distribution company specialized in high-quality children’s and family entertainment. Based in Munich, the company represents a portfolio of well-known brands including Maya the Bee, Mia and me, Heidi, Vic the Viking and 100% Wolf. Studio 100 Media further engages in international brand rights licensing and manages its state-of-the-art production studio, Studio Isar Animation. The company belongs to the Belgian Studio 100 Group that also boasts a strong presence in the theme park industry across Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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