I Am U

Presented by O4 Media


After her sister’s untimely death, Elise suddenly experiences uncanny things around her. She feels being followed around but instead sees an image of herself. It turns out that Elise has a doppelgänger named Rose. Their worlds collide when Rose rescues Elise from an accident one afternoon. Rose looks exactly like Elise, but their similarities end there. Out of curiosity, Elise invites Rose into her life and introduces the latter to her family, friends, and even her boyfriend, Kyle. As they develop fondness towards her doppelgänger, Elise realizes that letting Rose into her life is a big mistake.

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O4 Media is a global distributor of scripted and non-scripted content and IP development with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific. We are specialists in identifying opportunities and partnerships by leveraging relationships throughout a global network of content industry leaders and firms.

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