Jasmine & Jambo

Presented by Dandelooo


Jasmine and Jambo are crazy about music. They live in Soundland, a funny and surreal land where music and life go hand in hand. (S1-2: 52×7 min., 52×1 min., 26×1.5 min., 4×26 min.)

Company Info & Contacts

Dandelooo is a French award-winning creative company based in Paris dedicated to the development, production and distribution of original and ambitious animated programs. In production is the series The Upside-Down River, based on the famous book by Jean Claude Mourlevat. It just completed production of Billy the Cowboy Hamster, a touching preschool series, and is currently developing A Day with the Dogs. Dandelooo has won many awards, such as an International Emmy for The Treehouse Stories, and a Jury Award in 2021 for Mum is Pouring Rain. It also distributes some of the best TV specials, like Shooom’s Odyssey and Dounia. Dandelooo has a studio in Valence and a sales office in Milan. Dandelooo has recently launched a movie division, Dandelooo CinĂ©ma.

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