Kid & Dino

Presented by Huminah Huminah Animation


A short that took us 12 weeks to produce. No AI, no pre-bought assets, no mocap. All in-house designs, production, keyframe animation and post. Produced using our 3D Maya/Unreal production pipeline.

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Our mission is to create content that our children, friends, neighbors and the world will watch. So they will be entertained by what we create, to laugh and share a smile. HHA is where tier-one talent and cutting-edge technology are combined to build passionate, diverse and highly motivated teams with the ultimate goal of telling compelling stories and producing award-winning content. We offer our partners a complete range of production options, including concept development, script, casting/records, preproduction, storyboard, design, asset creation, animation, music, post and packaging, in all workflows: 3D Maya/Unreal, 2D Toon Boom and stop motion.  We are equipped to help you fully achieve creative excellence.

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