Mystery Lane

Presented by HARI


After an amazing start (over a million views in six weeks after the launch on France Télévisions), a Christmas special (1×44 min.) is being delivered this year.

Company Info & Contacts

A major player in the kids’ entertainment industry, HARI brings families together through content that inspires laughter and optimism, entertaining audiences across TV, film and product. Its hit series are broadcast in 200 territories globally. Grizzy and The Lemmings was the most aired animated French show in 2023 in Germany and the U.K., where it airs on four kids channels alongside Netflix and YouTube. It is in the top ten animated shows on Netflix globally and generates 1 billion views per year on YouTube. The brand-new Mystery Lane, a new classic à la Scooby-Doo meets Sherlock Holmes features mysteries, action, suspense and fun, packed in a feature-quality CGI animation. And has got off to an amazing start, with fantastic performances on Disney Channel in Germany and France Télévision’s Okoo. The series also just launched on Rai in Italy and Youku in China. HARI’s latest show in production, The Weasy Family, innovates the genre by combining non-dialogue slapstick comedy with a heart-warming narrative that has emotional stakes at the core. This father-daughters’ relationship resonates with a wide audience—including the parents! Broadcasters already on board are: France Télévisions, BBC, Super RTL, TeleQuebec and SVT.

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