Nils Holgersson

Presented by Studio 100 Media


(CGI adventure, 52×13 min.) One day an elf changes Nils into a miniature human. With his faithful friend Martin the gander, Nils embarks on an extraordinary journey among the wild geese.

Company Info & Contacts

Studio 100 Media is a leading international production and distribution company specialized in high-quality children’s and family entertainment. Based in Munich, the company represents a portfolio of well-known brands including Maya the Bee, Mia and me, Heidi, Vic the Viking and 100% Wolf. Studio 100 Media further engages in international brand rights licensing and manages its state-of-the-art production studio, Studio Isar Animation. The company belongs to the Belgian Studio 100 Group that also boasts a strong presence in the theme park industry across Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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