Pretty Face

Presented by Global Screen (A Telepool Brand)
Pretty Face


When her boyfriend signs her up for a fat camp, Gigi reluctantly accepts the challenge. But things don’t go as planned. Instead of losing weight, Gigi ultimately gets rid of the unhealthiest thing in her life: her toxic relationship.

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Global Screen is the worldwide distribution arm of TELEPOOL, a leading film and TV distribution and production group with more than 50 years of experience. Global Screen distributes premium feature films and TV series to theaters, global and local streaming platforms, TV channels, festivals and distributors all around the world. Global Screen credits include high-end drama productions Naked Among Wolves, Prisoners and Rivals Forever, as well as literary adaptations of Ken Follet’s Dangerous Fortune and the Brothers Grimm’s Finest Fairy Tales. Current highlights include the gripping thriller series The New Front, premium family entertainment series 3Hz and ratings hits The Palace and The Conference, both from Constantin Television.

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