Sheep’s Hotel

Presented by APC Kids


Little lambs Bella and Benny and their close-knit family of sheep run a small, independent hotel for guests and their kids.

Company Info & Contacts

APC Kids is the children’s entertainment arm of leading independent distribution and production company APC Studios. Headed by Lionel Marty, the kids’ specialist has a growing portfolio of high-profile children’s and family properties. The company’s pillars are: First, addressing the needs of independent producers from co-development, financing and distribution (distribution or agent deals). Second, a boutique approach, focused on building limited number of selected IP’s to international level and offering an alternative to big distribution groups through carefully curated content and bespoke solutions. Third, a 360-degree approach, building kids’ brands by optimizing exposure in order to enable licensing-and-merchandising exploitation (not only maximizing TV sales). Fourth, senior experience, an agile and dedicated mind. APC Kids has launched its own production company, Zephyr Animation, led by Chief Creative Officer David Sauerwein, to produce and co-produce its own shows, while continuing to distribute those from leading producers worldwide.

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