Squared Love

Presented by Calinos Entertainment


Monika is a modest yet charismatic 29-year-old school teacher who transforms into sexy photo model Klaudia to help her father out of debt. Apart from Jacek, the owner of an agency, and his wife Ilona, Monika’s best friend, no one knows that Monika and Klaudia are the same person. During a photo shoot Monika deems the last in her career, she works with Enzo, a celebrity automotive journalist. Enzo is forced into photo modeling by his boss and lover. The photo shoot ends in a complete catastrophe, and Enzo and Klaudia couldn’t dislike each other more.

Company Info & Contacts

Calinos Entertainment is the first Turkish company to export Turkish series, movies and television programs on an international platform. So far, Calinos has sold over 112,000 hours of TV programming to more than 105 countries on five continents by distributing more than 200 programs. Calinos Entertainment’s mission is to spread joy to global audiences, to make them “enjoy the drama” by enhancing the presence of Calinos dramas on all the platforms, in every country, with the phenomenal content.

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