Teen Crumpets

Presented by Mediatoon Distribution


(Comedy, 52×13 min.) The wacky family is back, with a focus on the teens. Follow the musical, spiritual, ecological and romantic adventures of Pfff, Caprice, Cassandra, Marylin, Larry and Cordless.

Company Info & Contacts

2022 is an exciting year for Mediatoon! We are very happy to be back to normal, attending international events such as MIPCOM, Kidscreen Summit and NATPE, and are extremely proud to present a fantastic lineup. Firstly, we have the ultimate family sitcom, Living with Dad, for kids aged 6 to 12, produced by Dupuis and commissioned by M6/Gulli and RTBF. Next, after the remarkable success of season one achieving the Best Export Award, The Fox-Badger Family is back for season two, produced by Dargaud Media and commissioned by France Télévisions and WDR. Tele-Quebec and RTS are also on board. While our favorite families break through stereotypes, every child will learn to love their own uniqueness. Viewers worldwide will find common ground and relatability with these incredible characters. We are confident that these upcoming launches will only bring us further success.

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