The Apartment of Hope

Presented by MISTCO


(Family) Arif is a 10-year-old boy who lost his father Ozan without even knowing him. He lives with his mother Makbule in an old building. He is in love with his older neighbor Arzu. Feeling as he does for the first time, he sends unsigned letters to Arzu. He will be circumcised at the end of this summer and he will try to avoid it like the last few summers. His grandfather Ihsan, who previously left them, is brought back by two attendants. Ihsan knew that his daughter Makbule wouldn’t accept him back in, so he fakes paralysis. Arif is the only one who knows he is faking it. At the beginning, they cannot get along with Ihsan at all. Contrary to Arif’s maturity level, Ihsan acts just like a child. Their struggling relationship finds a milestone when Ihsan realizes Arif’s love for Arzu and offers to help him.

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