The In-Laws

Presented by Calinos Entertainment


A dramedy that takes place at a wedding reception after a ceremony during which the sacramental “yes” was not uttered. But since the guests are already here, and some have traveled a long way, it’s only polite to at least invite them to lunch. The parents of the almost newlyweds meet in the back of the wedding venue. This is their story. Małgorzata and Andrzej, the groom’s parents, belong to the Polish upper class. The bride’s parents, Wanda and Tadeusz, are simple, uneducated, working-class people. At first, both couples are in shock. Weronika and Łukasz, despite coming from different social backgrounds, seemed to be happy and in love. What happened? Why did Łukasz change his mind? Weronika’s parents want to find out the truth, as do Łukasz’s. Who is at fault here?

Company Info & Contacts

Founded in Los Angeles and now headquartered in Istanbul, Calinos Entertainment was the first Turkish company to export Turkish series, movies and television programs on an international platform. So far, Calinos has sold over 112,000 hours of TV programming to more than 105 countries on five continents by distributing more than 200 programs.

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