The Minimighty Kids

Presented by Mediatoon Distribution


(Action/comedy, 156×8 min.) Each episode narrates the story of a child mocked because he is different. This difference transforms into a superpower, making him a minimighty kid.

Company Info & Contacts

Mediatoon is part of Media-Participations, comprising leading comic, novel and graphic publishing houses, animation studios and digital platforms. Media-Participations is one of Europe’s key players in family entertainment. Mediatoon Distribution successfully manages and markets iconic shows worldwide. The company’s expertise has been recognized internationally through awards such as Best Distributor of the Year and Best Export Prizes for series such as Cedric, SamSam, Trotro and in 2020, The Fox-Badger Family. Thanks to the in-house studios and third-party producers, Mediatoon’s catalog consists of more than 10,000 half-hours worth of animated series. This includes iconic shows such as Garfield, SamSam, Tintin, Trotro, Code Lyoko and Yakari, all of which continue to cement Mediatoon’s position as one of Europe’s leading kids’ and family IP managers and distributors.

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