The Muscleteers

Presented by Goldbee


The Muscleteers team up and swear to help and protect anyone in need. They stage their magnificent missions and rip-roaring rescues from the safety of their top-secret base in the cellar of Mrs. Frohlich’s delicatessen.

Company Info & Contacts

Our most recent lineup features School of Roars, now in its second season, and preschool series The Game Catchers, about friendship and playground games. Buyers’ favorites include the sci-fi adventure series Space Nova and epic adventure Time Traveler Luke, recently launched on Canal+ France. Our extensive slate of live-action series targets tweens and teens with family appeal, such as parkour adventure Hoodie, now in its third season; The Worst Witch, with four seasons available; the big-budget vampire saga Heirs of the Night; and season two of The Bureau of Magical Things, which has already sold in over 100 territories.

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