SHOWCASE: Artist View Delivers a Broad Offering Packed with Star Power

Sep 27th, 2021 - Nov 27th, 2021

While it has no doubt been a challenging time for the media industry, Artist View Entertainment has been quite busy as of late, picking up a raft of indie gems over the last year and ramping up activities on the production side of the business. “Recently, we were able to secure financing for a new slate of product that will be announced as we go into the fall and feel fortunate that we were able to pivot into production at a time when the market’s needs have been so niche-driven,” says Scott J. Jones, president of Artist View. “Having this new slate should help keep Artist View very relevant as we move into 2022 and will help all of the feature films we represent.”

During the last year, the company picked up a slew of independent films, including Here Awhile, starring Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), a romantic adventure entitled Navigating Love, starring Finnerty Steeves (Orange Is the New Black), and two sexy dramedies: Paint, starring Josh Caras (The HighwaymenHell On Wheels) and Olivia Luccardi (The DeuceChannel Zero: Butcher’s Block), and Plus One, starring Rachel Alig (The BetThe Shop) and Ryan Caraway (By JingoReckless Juliets). The slate is rounded out with two very edgy thrillers entitled Blood Born, starring Rosie Moss (Fall Into Me) and Antoine Perry (Waking Up with StrangersIn Limbo), and The Believer, starring Aidan Bristow (Bad VibesL.A. Macabre), Sophie Kargman (Malibu Horror Story) and Billy Zane (Dead Calm).

The independent market has presented strong opportunities with both romantic comedies and female-driven thrillers, Jones notes. “There is also an appetite for holiday films, and I believe that action titles will always have a strong place in the market.” In line with this demand, Artist View has acquired its fourth movie from producer and director Shane Stanley, Double Threat. The high-impact action-adventure title stars Danielle C. Ryan (Mistletoe MixupNowhere SafeCriminal Minds), Matthew Lawrence (Desperate WatersMelissa & JoeyBoy Meets World) and Dawn Olivieri (SEAL TeamThe Hot Zone: AnthraxAmerican Hustle).

The company acquired two new thrillers in 2021 and will have three female-driven thrillers available by the end of the year. These include A Thousand Little Cuts, starring Rebecca Liddiard (Alias GraceFrankie Drake MysteriesDeparture), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek) and Colin Ferguson (HavenYou’re the Worst); Black Bags, starring Olesya Rulin (High School Musical 12 and 3) and Laura Vandervoort (V-WarsIce); and Help Wanted, starring Sarah Fisher (The PotwinsDegrassi: The Next Generation, Heartland), Tiffany Montgomery (Five Women in the EndNashville), Conner Floyd (SickMalicious Motives) and Robert Peters (South of SanityLincoln).

In the way of romantic comedies, Artist View is highlighting Rent a Groom, starring Kylee Bush (A Picture Perfect WeddingPaper Champions) and Stafford Perry (Remote DangerWynonna EarpTribal) and Hearts Creek, starring Duff Zayonce (Black SummerGlobal Meltdown) and introducing Krista Chyc.

Artist View has also been hard at work on its development slate. “We have spent a good part of the last year developing projects from a pitch level right through treatment and script,” says Jones. “These projects were all developed with the market in mind and an understanding of what our buyers need to acquire at this time.”

As the company gears up for MIPCOM, Jones’s priorities focus on “communicating with as many buyers as possible,” he says. “It’s a good time for the company, as we head into our 31st year in operations and believe we have a nice story to tell with our new titles as well as our large library that includes all types of genres and star power.”

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