Edmond and Lucy

Presented by MIAM! distribution


Meet Edmond, the squirrel, and Lucy, the bear cub, with their daily adventures in the forest. Nature is their best playmate. (52×12 min., 13×3 min., 1×45 min.)

Company Info & Contacts

Founded in 2016 by Hanna Mouchez, MIAM! animation is a Paris-based company active in the development, production and international distribution of high-quality animated and hybrid programs. Since 2019, MIAM! is also MIAM! studio, dedicated to the production of real-time 3D programs such as Edmond and Lucy and The Tinies. MIAM! also has a distribution catalogue with exclusive worldwide media distribution rights of 25 available series and TV specials, produced by 15 talented French independent producers. MIAM! supports daring programs that have audacity and singularity in common, whether that be regarding their graphics or their storytelling.

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