Food Pop

Presented by Cisneros Media


Brings to light the various aspects of popular foods that are consumed worldwide and how their recipes change in each region or country. The series will highlight how famous creations were born and evolved to what we know and how they impact our culture as inspiration for art, jewelry and even amusement parks.

Company Info & Contacts

Cisneros Media is a story developer and premium content producer of a range of genres, from live action to animation. Its linear platforms reach over 50 million subscribers. It has a 65-year history. Mobius.Lab Productions, its newest non-fiction division, has grown to serve domestic and international audiences, with awarded short and long-form content for every platform. Our divisions include Venevision, the leading TV network in Venezuela; Cisneros Media Distribution, a global distributor of more than 30,000 hours of entertainment content; Pay-TV, a group of cable channels reaching over 25 million subscribers in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain; Miss Venezuela, a multiplatform female-oriented production house that holds seven Miss Universe titles, six Miss World titles and eight Miss International winners; Mobius Lab Productions, an original content incubator with over 1,000 hours of award-winning content for a global audience; and Mobius Lab Kids, an original children’s content division of a range of genres, from live-action to animation.

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