Go! Go! Cory Carson

Presented by Superights


A multiple Emmy-winning CGI-animated series based on the toys line by VTECH that follows Cory Carson, an adorable orange car, who learns to make his way through childhood with the help of his sister Chrissy and friends and family in Bumperton Hills. (62×7 min., 1×10 min., 16×3.5 min., 3×22 min., 1×42 min.)

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Superights is a major international distribution company dedicated to distributing children’s and family content across the globe. From Paris, Milan, London and Los Angeles, we are offering programs from all genres and for all demographics. Awarded Best European Investor/Distributor of the Year in 2015, our activity includes all rights, nonlinear and linear, from TV to VOD and theatrical. Superights constantly adds fresh properties to its available content and seeks out new markets for its programming. Recent additions to the Superights’ catalog include Momolu and Friends, produced by Ferly, Yellow Animation and Digital Graphics; Go! Go! Cory Carson, produced by VTech and Kuku Studio; Anna & Friends, produced for France Télévisions; The Adventures of Little Penguin, produced by Tencent Video; and That’s Joey!, produced for M6 by Superprod, Atmosphere Media, Digital Graphics and Planeta Junior.

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