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Meet talented artisans who create products with their own two hands. Learn about their lives, heritage and the motivation for their work.

Company Info & Contacts

GRB Studios and Media Ranch joined the distribution arms of their globally respected brands to create one powerful entity. Distributing over 5,000 hours of premium entertainment—from factual to fiction to formats, GRB Media Ranch offers a comprehensive approach to marketing of programming. Based in Los Angeles, the two principals, Gary R. Benz and Sophie Ferron, bring varied expertise and ingenuity to the company. The new, merged portfolio includes Untold Stories of the E.R.; Icons Unearthed series: The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.On the Case; and over 100 formats, including Round Table from Wonwoo Park (creator of Masked Singer), Watch and hits such as Surprise sur prise, Comedy on the Edge, Rose D’or winning Street Jungle, and more. GRB Studios’ production work includes Emmy Award-winning hit Intervention. Media Ranch’s creative format development, paper format acquisitions and incubator Horsepower. Both companies will continue these activities under their respective banners.

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