Happy Trails

Presented by Little Engine Moving Pictures


Cowboy George lives at Happy Trails Ranch with his barn full of fun-loving animal friends who talk, sing, dance and—most importantly—help each other out.

Company Info & Contacts

Little Engine Moving Pictures is an award-winning, creator-driven TV and interactive company that specializes in the development, production, financing and distribution of original kids, family and young adult live-action CGI-blended series for an international audience. Little Engine’s debut series, Now You Know (with companion interactive), was sold to over 100 countries. The preschool series Cutie Pugs has also won a Kidscreen Award, W3 Interactive Award and Youth Media Alliance Award. Little Engine has great relationships with Canadian public broadcasters (English and French) and Canadian funding agencies. A boutique agency that produces everything in-house, Little Engine is the one-stop shop for a 360-degree production experience from conception to delivery. A little engine with big stories, Little Engine’s shows are watched and enjoyed by kids around the globe.

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