Interstellar Ella

Presented by Aardman


In the year 3021, on a faraway space station, Ella and her friends set out on interstellar adventures and discover the wonders of the universe.

Company Info & Contacts

Aardman is an award-winning producer, dedicated to the development, production and distribution of its animated content. All our productions are brilliantly characterized and full of charm, reflecting the unique talent, energy and commitment of the whole Aardman team. We are a boutique distributor, licensing shows on behalf of a select number of animation studios. We’re excited to attend MIPCOM with several new shows, including Ready Eddie Go by Hocus Pocus Studio and an original commission from Sky Kids; Yukee by Score Draw Media, which is a commission by CBeebies in the U.K.; and Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures by Eagle Eye Drama, co-produced with Creative Conspiracy and commissioned by the BBC, with support from broadcasters FTV and VRT.

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