Pop Paper City

Presented by Aardman


Preschool series focuses on creating adventures together, encouraging “doing as well as viewing” through lovable characters and adventures.

Company Info & Contacts

Aardman is a world-class, award-winning animation studio, famous for its films, TV series and shorts. It is also a growing third-party content distributor, with a new focus on digital opportunities as it sees the growth of AVOD and FAST in the marketplace. Aardman prides itself on being the very best at building animated brands worldwide, and the carefully curated selection of shows it manages reflects our values: originality, creative excellence and humor, which is everything buyers would expect from content associated with Aardman. As well as a fantastic catalog of shows, it is excited to be bringing lots of brand-new greenlit productions to market this year, including preschool show Big Lizard from Beakus and Je Suis Bien Content/Watch Next Media Group; the BBC commission Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures from Eagle Eye Drama; and Li Ban, a wonderful tale of Celtic folklore from Paper Owl Films.

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