Love Mafia

Presented by MBC/MBC America


An intense love game with a hunch! Love Mafia is a survival game that takes place between youngsters searching for love and real-life couples trying to thwart them. Young single men and women come to Love School in search of true love. However, two real-life couples are hiding among them. If single people become a couple, they receive 10,000 dollars as a gesture of the show supporting them. However, real couples, also called mafia couples, try to thwart single people’s efforts to find love. If a single person and another person from the mafia couple get matched up, the person from the mafia gets the prize money. Sung Si Kyung, known as a master of love for his diverse careers and sharp wit, Shindong, Soyou and Lee Hye Sung will host the show, making witty talks and exciting guesses. A real variety show about love, which is entirely different from everything you’ve seen so far, will give the audience the thrill and fun of a drama unfolded by real-life couples mixed with singles. Look forward to seeing which couple will get the prize money and the fruit of love!

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